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Tweak and Command List Counter Strike

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Tweak and Command List Counter Strike

Post  PAY on Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:17 pm

Tweaks & Command List

Adding these to your CS link or in Steam (my games > right click on CS > Properties)
-console (add console)
-nojoy (remove joystick support, gives more ram)
-noipx (removing LAN options, gives more ram)
-noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd (disable mouse acceleration)
-dev (removing 100fps limit *STEAM ONLY*)
-heapsize (gives CS memory, set it by kbytes, example; i have 384mb of ram so i used:
-heapsize 300000 (it tells cs to use 300mb of ram as cache for CS) , set it to 60-80% of your total ram, help's alot in 1.6)


CS is not Quake or UT, you dont need high sensitivity, you dont have rockets and plasma rifles, also CS has a great sound engine so you dont need to make some "FAST" moves. Getting used to low sensitivity will improve your aiming, lower your sensitivity by 0.5 every week, and you may see improvements, it also depents on your mouse and options, personally im using 2.5 because i have ie. Lower sensitivity is better, so get used to it.

Config commands:

disable voicecomm (we got team-speak, ventrilo, why hear these 10 year old kids yelling?)
voice_scale "0"
voice_enable "0"
voice_modenable "0"
sv_voiceenable "0"
voice_forcemicrecord "0"

disable EAX (gets more FPS)
s_eax "0"

disable A3D (not allowed in CPLS)
s_a3d "0"

sound delay (after you turned off Sound acceleration, or random sound delays)
_snd_mixahead "0" or "0.1"

Connection (Optimal Settings):

rate "25000"
cl_updaterate "100"
cl_cmdrate "100"
cl_lc "1"
cl_lw "1"
ex_interp "0.1"

if you have lags with the optimal settings try these values:
rate "7500-10000"
cl_updaterate "20"
cl_cmdrate "30"

1.5/1.6 Graphic Tweaks (get more fps):

gl_cull "1"
gl_keeptjunctions "0"
gl_texsort "0"
gl_palette_tex "1"
r_norefresh "0"
gl_round_down "3"
gl_picmip "2"
gl_playermip "2"
gl_ztrick "1"
viewsize "120"
brightness "1"
gamma "3"
fastsprites "0"
fps_max "200"
max_shells "0"
cl_corpsestay "0"
max_smokepuffs "0"
mp_decals "0"
d_spriteskip "0"
cl_himodels "0"
model "gordon"
topcolor "30"
bottomcolor "6"
cl_minmodels "1"
cl_weather "0"
gl_affinemodels "1"
gl_alphamin "0.25"
gl_clear "0"
gl_dither "1"
gl_flipmatrix "0"
gl_flashblend "0"
gl_lightholes "0"
developer "1"
r_dynamic "0"
r_novis "0"
r_traceglow "1"
r_wateralpha "1"
r_mirroralpha "0"
r_bmodelhighfrac "5.0"
r_lightmap "0"
gl_max_size "128" (16/32/64/128/256) (less size less quality and more performance)
precache "1"

USB Mouse or PS/2 Mouse (if your mouse supports USB USE IT:

m_filter "0" for USB
m_filter "1" for PS/2

Zoom Sensitivity (fixed in 1.6, but you still can change it):

zoom_sensitivity_ratio "1-3" (i using 1.6)

disable ATI Truform:

ati_npatch "0"
ati_subdiv "0"

Enable MMX

r_mmx "1"

Right or Left Hand:

cl_righthand (1 is right hand, 0 is left hand)

Disable AutoWeaponSwitch:

_cl_autowepswitch "0"

Used to old cs versions? Want the old crosshair? This is for you:

cl_dynamiccrosshair "0"

Remove the lame new gui menus:

setinfo _vgui_menus "0"

Add these scripts to your autoexec.cfg or userconfig.cfg:

//Hand Switch Script
alias "LH" "echo - Left Hand Selected -; cl_righthand 0; bind h RH"
alias "RH" "echo - Right Hand Selected -; cl_righthand 1; bind h LH"

Sick of holding shift key to walk? Add this to your autoexec.cfg:

//Walk/Run Script
alias "walk" "echo - Walk Selected -; +speed; bind SHIFT run"
alias "run" "echo - Run Selected -; -speed; bind SHIFT walk"

Advanced Graphic Commands:

1 - enable
0 - disable

-Control the blood, disable it to get more performance. But who doesnt like blood?


-Control the gibs, disable to get more performance


-Control the ATI Trufrom, disable to get a big fps improvement, enable for more quality

ati_npatch "0"
ati_subdiv "0"

-Disabling it will make the game render everything, even objects you dont see, only crazy people will disable it.


-Enabling this will make sure you wont see any crashes and/or 3d bugs, disable it for more FPS


-Multi texturing, disable it only on old 3d cards


-MMX, enable to improve performance


-Joystick, disable for more ram and to improve performance


-disable dither only if you have a really good computer, enable for more performance improvement


-Enable for more model quality, disable for more performance-


-Vsync, enable to limit the fps into your refresh rate, disable for highest fps


-Lightholes, disable for a little performance gain-


-Enable to see some objects like 1337 sunglasses and stuff like that, disable for more performance


-Precaching, disable if you have 64mb or less, enable if you have 64mb or more, improves performance


-Enable or disable the rain in aztec


-Loading only 2 models, SAS and 1337, enable for big performance gain, disable to see all the models


-Round down, set value from 0-4 , the lower the number the higher the quality, higher number equals more performance


-Map quality, set value from 0-2, lower number equals more quality, higher number equals more performance


-Player model quality, set value from 0-2, lower number equals more quality, higher number equals more performance


-Texture size, values are: 16,32,64,128,256,512,1024 (default is 128), lower value means less quality and more performance


-Texture Quality (for Direct3D Trilinear bring more performance, and for OpenGL Brilinear bring more perormence) values

GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR (Trilinear, high quality)
GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST (Trilinear, low quality)
GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR (Bilinear, high quality)
GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST (Bilinear, high quality)




-Fastsprites, control explosions and stuff like that, set value from 0-2, lower number equals more quality, higher number equals more performance




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